Charlotte Unveils New Rail Trail Pedestrian Bridge

Charlotte Unveils New Rail Trail Pedestrian Bridge

  • Charlotte Living Realty
  • 12/8/21

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This project will provide a new bicycle and pedestrian connection over I-277 from the CATS Blue Line Stonewall Station to where the existing Rail Trail ends under the East Morehead Street bridge, north of Carson Street. The project will seamlessly provide Rail Trail users direct access to and from Center City and South End.

  • ​To provide connectivity to the Rail Trail and remove I-277 as an obstacle between South End and Center City

  • To provide a safe, direct, car-free route for bicyclists and pedestrians

​The project team will engage the community at various points in the planning, design and construction process. The following public meetings have taken place:

  • Nov. 21, 2019: Project kickoff at Charlotte Powerhouse Studio

​Approximate funding of $11.5 million from the following sources:

  • $3.1 million from  the City of Charlotte

  • $3.3 million from the North Carolina Department of Transportation

  • $3.1 million from Mecklenburg County

  • $2.0 million from the private sector


Design concept presented at the Dec. 7, 2021 public meeting. View all concepts (9MB file).


The map below shows the current route of the Rail Trail and the existing gap over I-277.

The map below illustrates the approximate location of the future bridge.


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