City budget breakdown: Street parking prices are going up and 6 more need-to-knows

City budget breakdown: Street parking prices are going up and 6 more need-to-knows

  • Charlotte Living Realty
  • 05/3/22

A price hike for street parking is among the many items in the budget Charlotte city manager Marcus Jones presented to City Council Monday night.

What’s happening: The proposed $3.2 billion for fiscal year 2023 would see street parking in Uptown and South End increase from $1 per hour to $1.50.

  • Street parking is currently free in the evenings and on weekends, but the proposed budget would include metered parking on Saturdays.

By the numbers: This would bring in approximately $700,000 in additional revenue. Funds will be used to resurface streets.

What’s next: This would go into effect this July, after the budget is vote on May 31.

Here are six other things included in the budget:

1. Property taxes would not increase for the second consecutive year

2. Water, storm water and solid waste fees would all go up

  • Water would go up an average 3.54% ($29.88 per year and $2.49 each month).
  • Storm water would increase an average 3.8% ($4.08 per year and $0.34 per month).
  • Solid waste would rise an average $0.92 monthly and $11.04 per year.

3. The city is not laying off or furloughing any employees — instead, everyone would see a raise

  • Salaried employees, such as the mayor and city council, will receive a 4% pay bump, while hourly employees would get an 8% raise. Hourly employees could see a 4% increase in July and a 4% increase next January.
  • Plus, minimum pay for 40-hour-a-week, full-time employees would be $20 an hour starting in January. The current rate is $18.31 per hour.

4. The budget focuses on employee retention, particularly for hourly employees

  • The city plans to use American Rescue Plan Act funding to address retention, providing at least $1,000 bonuses to employees, both salaried and hourly, who qualify. It’s a 2% bonus.
  • Plus, second- and third-shift employees would receive a 2.5% increase starting in January 2023. This would primarily impact police officers and general employees.
  • And employees with a commercial driver’s license would see a 2.5% increase starting in July.

5. Starting pay for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and Charlotte Fire Department employees would also increase

  • It would be a 9% increase starting in July and a 10.5% increase by January.
  • This is aimed at helping with recruitment for public safety positions.

6. Employees wouldn’t see an increase in health care premiums with these raises

  • Jones said employees often see their compensation or salary increases eaten into by the rising costs of their health care premiums. He added the city would absorb that this year.


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