Charlotte’s 10 Hottest ZIP Codes Show a Rush to The Suburbs

Charlotte’s 10 Hottest ZIP Codes Show a Rush to The Suburbs

  • Axios Charlotte
  • 01/11/23

Charlotte’s 10 most popular ZIP codes suggest homeowners want a small-town feel with access to big-city amenities.

Why it matters: Homeowners are moving out of city centers and into the suburbs, says Opendoor’s national head of brokerage, Chelsea Goyer.

  • “It’s no surprise to see these ZIPs on our list, as they’re all in desirable areas and have experienced significant growth over the last few years,” Goyer said.

What’s happening: 28078 in Huntersville came in as the hottest ZIP code in the Charlotte area, according to a new report from Opendoor.

The latest top ZIP codes were ranked by total homes that went into contract within 90 days of listing in 2022 using data from Canopy MLS:

  1. 28078 – Huntersville

  2. 28269 – North Charlotte

  3. 28173 – Waxhaw

  4. 28277 – South Charlotte/Ballantyne

  5. 29707 – Fort Mill

  6. 28027 – Concord

  7. 28215 – East Charlotte

  8. 28205 – Plaza Midwood, Country Club Heights, Eastland, Villa Heights, NoDa

  9. 28214 – West Charlotte, Wildwood, Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road area

  10. 28110 – Monroe

What they’re saying: These ZIP codes all share a common theme, said Goyer. “They’re in areas that have seen rapid growth over the past few years with new restaurants, businesses, retail, and good schools.”

  • Homeowners desire a sense of belonging in areas accessible to major metros via short commutes (less than 30 minutes).

By the numbers: One-third of people across the U.S. said they would relocate for a lifestyle change, according to data from Opendoor

  • These lifestyle changes could include being closer to outdoor and recreational activities and joining a close-knit community.

The intrigue: Charlotte’s most popular ZIP codes, such as Huntersville, seem to check those boxes, Goyer noted.

Zoom in: Huntersville is a 15-minute drive from Uptown.

  • The town itself has no shortage of attractions for families, including Discovery Place Kids, Birkdale Village, a greenway, and multiple local cafes and coffee shops.

  • Plus, it’s close to Lake Norman.

What’s next: We should be keeping an eye on emerging ZIP codes, such as those that ranked 11-20 in the list, Goyer says.

These include:

11. 28278 – Lake Wylie area

12.  29732 – Rock Hill

13. 28117 – Mooresville

14. 28227 – Mint Hill

15. 28210 – South Charlotte, SouthPark, Quail Hollow, Beverly Woods

16. 28025 – Concord

17. 29715 – Fort Mill

18. 29720 – Lancaster, S.C.

19. 28115 – Morresville

20. 29730 – Rock Hill

The bottom line: Charlotteans want a small-town feel while remaining close to a bustling downtown for entertainment, shopping and dining.

They also want to stray a bit from city centers, but “not too far away,” Goyer notes.

  • Consequently, we should expect to see these top 10 ZIPs continue to show strong growth.




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Top FAQs in Charlotte's Popular ZIP Codes



2. Q: What factors are driving the rush to the suburbs in these Charlotte zip codes?

Several factors are contributing to the rush to the suburbs in these Charlotte zip codes. Affordability plays a significant role, as housing prices are often more competitive than in the city center. Families are attracted to the larger homes and spacious yards, which provide room to grow. The presence of high-quality schools and a quieter, more relaxed lifestyle away from the urban hustle also make these suburbs appealing.


3. Q: How has the real estate market evolved in these suburban Charlotte zip codes?

A: The real estate market in these suburban Charlotte zip codes has experienced a noticeable transformation. Demand for housing has led to increased property values, making them solid investment options. Low inventory levels have driven competition among buyers, leading to faster sales and sometimes even bidding wars. These areas are transitioning from being merely residential to vibrant, well-rounded communities with expanding amenities. You can also find Plaza Midwood Homes for sale if you are interested in finding the best real estate contact Charlotte Living Realty Group today.


4. Q: Are there specific amenities and attractions that are contributing to the popularity of these suburban areas?

A: Absolutely, these suburban areas offer a range of amenities and attractions that appeal to residents. Many boast well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and green spaces, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and a sense of community. Additionally, local shopping districts, dining options, and cultural events contribute to a fulfilling suburban lifestyle. Proximity to natural attractions, such as lakes or scenic trails, also adds to the appeal.


5. Q: What types of housing options are available in these trending suburban zip codes?

A: These trending suburban zip codes offer a diverse array of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets. You can find spacious single-family homes with well-manicured lawns, perfect for families. Additionally, there are townhouses and condominium complexes that provide a more compact living space without sacrificing comfort. Architectural styles vary, ranging from traditional designs to modern aesthetics, ensuring there's something for everyone.


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