More than a Mortgage: The DHL Experience

More than a Mortgage: The DHL Experience

  • Charlotte Living Realty
  • 03/18/22

We sat down and spoke with the team at DHL Mortgage to share their experiences in the lending industry. Charlotte Living Realty has been lucky enough to work with Ben Larrick and Jeff Bruner from the DHL office throughout the last several years, closing on dozens of residential communities and new-construction developments throughout the Charlotte-metro region. 


DHL Mortgage manages the lending process of single-family, single-family attached, and multi-family dwellings. Charlotte Living Realty chooses to work with DHL Mortgage for many of the same qualities that a buyer may choose to work with them - for their commitment to the client, their experience in real estate, and their knowledge of the Charlotte region. 

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Are there different types of mortgages? What is the best route for someone to take who doesn't know where to begin? 
The mortgage process can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure where to begin, but once you understand the steps, it’s quite simple. It’s a lender’s job to make sure you qualify for mortgage lending; aka can afford it. Your loan officer will be with you in every step of the process and will be your go-to person to make sure you have everything you need to be approved for a loan. We offer multiple different loan programs and can guide our clients through the process to figure out which program makes the most sense for their home goals.

How many mortgages did DHL assist with last year? 
589 closings, close to $200M in loans.

What recommendations would you have for people interested in real estate investments? 
You must be invested in it. Most lenders are looking for 20% down payment. This looks different than buying a first or second home that typically has a smaller down payment. Be sure to work with a quality realtor that can help you understand the market rents.

What type of information will you need from a client to determine if they are eligible for a loan?
Every borrower will have different needs, but to start your mortgage process, you’ll need:
· Paystubs covering the last 30 days
· W-2s from the last 2 years
· Tax returns from the last 2 years if self-employed
· Last 2 months of bank statements
· Proof of employment

How would you ensure the confidentiality of a client’s personal information?
At DHL we follow strict adherence to federal and state privacy laws protecting consumer data. We have a secured Borrower Portal for clients to upload sensitive documents, a locked filing system for any documents on hand, and our company does not share sensitive information to outside parties.

How would you ensure a fast turnaround time on the applications?
DHL’s digital tools and user-friendly interface allow borrowers to seamlessly submit their application online and conveniently e-sign necessary documents from their smart phone, tablet, or computer. Loan officers are notified right away once an application is submitted so we can keep the process moving. We understand time is of the essence in any refinance or purchase transaction, so we are focused on speed and quality when it comes to the intake and processing of applications.

Discuss the most complex application you have received?
In some situations, the loan application process can be complex and turn some mortgage companies away. We’re very comfortable working with clients in unique situations such as self-employed borrowers and investors that have complex tax returns. For example, clients that own several companies and several rental properties can have a complicated loan process, but we are familiar with
these types of clients, and we’re equipped to be successful. We recently closed a client that was self-employed and owned 3 different companies with 10 investment properties. You can feel confident that we will be able to help you in complex scenarios.

What value does DHL offer that other teams don't? 
At DHL Mortgage, we’re a team of mortgage loan originators that deal with multiple lenders which means we can shop for the best terms available on any given day. Our company controls the disclosure and funding process in house so we are able to close loans quicker than a traditional broker. We work hard to get our clients the best rate and match you with the loan program that makes the most sense for you. Our team of industry experts are here to simplify the process and be with you until the end of the process.

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If you are in the market to buy or sell, please consider contacting our team today.